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The after school scenario today

Over the last few decades, there has been a steady rise in the number of after school activities in the US. According to a study conducted by Rob Hollister , Professor of Economics, Swarthmore College, “the forces behind increased funding and activity in after-school programming could be characterized in two phrases: time on task and home alone.” The phrase “time on task” stands for the increasingly prevalent view that more time spent on educational or skill-building tasks will result in much improved educational performance. While “home alone” refers to a growing number of children left unattended between the time periods 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm.
What ever the reasons, the after school industry today stands at a staggering USD 24 Billion and employs close to around 400,000 personnel in the US alone. There are an estimated 22,000 business entities associated with the after school program in the US. That apart, today there is a pressing need for programs that cater to the taking children from an “average” grade to a “good” grade and from “good” grade to “excellent”. This plays an extremely important part when grades come in to play while choosing a college for higher education.

About Curie Learning:

Curie Learning has revolutionized the way after school programs cater to the demands of students today. The distinguishing feature of the Curie Learning Modules is that it focuses on converting intangible potential in to tangible results. At Curie Learning, we believe that an education based business is in its own way, service to society where we nurture the achievers of tomorrow. Curie Learning commenced its operations in a humble manner in North Virginia with a handful of students a little under a decade ago. Today, Curie Learning consistently contributes about 12% of the annual intake into Thomas Jefferson school of Science and Technology, which speaks volumes of the consistency of delivery of the faculty and the program.
The Curie Learning modules are designed by Subject Matter Experts (many of whom are PhD’s) with more than 30 years of teaching experience to making learning effective and result oriented.

The Curie Learning Opportunity:

Curie Learning offers individuals an opportunity to kick start their own Curie franchise center. Curie Learning has just the opportunity for you if:

  • You are a self motivated individual who is exploring becoming an entrepreneur
  • You are looking to start an education based franchise in your area
  • You have resources but are looking for a suitable investment
  • You like to get “hands on” in running a business and leading it from the front
  • You are adept at adapting to the changing business environments
  • You have good communication skills

For more information on the Curie Learning Programs, please visit www.curielearning.com

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